Pilates in Halandri



The ideal lesson for strengthening the trunk to improve stability and well-placed body posture. Exercises combined with proper breathing will help relieve the back pain of the waist, neck and hips.

A man and a woman performing pilates in halandri, at axiongym.
Pilates (Information)
The Pilates method was developed in 1920 by Joseph Pilates as a rehabilitation program for the musculoskeletal problems that plagued him, however, to evolve over the years into a beneficial exercise with multiple benefits.

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These benefits are summarized in:

– Increased respiratory capacity and blood circulation
– Strengthening the muscles of the trunk
– Increased joint mobility
density and more efficient movement
-increasing our daily lives by making it more functional and efficient.

Pilates himself used to say, “In 10 lessons you start to feel the difference, in 20 lessons the others perceive it, and in 30 lessons you have a new body.”
It is worth noting that the exercises have difficulty levels and are thus adapted to the needs of trainees each time. Each program is unique and truly worthwhile to experience this experience.