TRX Training – Suspension Training in Halandri

TRX Training – Suspension Training in Halandri

Get to know the training with TRX straps that belongs to the Functional Training philosophy or Functional Training! It works with body weight and has different levels and adapts to the needs of everyone at whatever level. You learn and gain complete control over your body by developing your ability to prevent injuries, to protect yourself and to move comfortably in all aspects of everyday life. It is a versatile workout with a great exercise and combines many factors of the physical state at the same time giving you the potential for a quality result by exercising the whole body causing a burst of metabolism and higher fat burning.



Built-in ortho-posture, a wide range of motion and stretch-relieving stretch marks, decongesting muscles that are difficult to relax otherwise without much effort. Coordination and more activation of the nervous and cardiorespiratory system to avoid future problems.

Strengthen and adjust the exercises to your own level by activating other secondary muscles and learning your limits but also your weaknesses and most of all the weak link of all of you. Beat your upper torso and learn to rely on it improving many musculoskeletal imbalances.

CORETRAINING or EDUCATION FIRE not only for a nice truncated trunk but also for a base that will give you the right to a rising life course and confidence to continue to provoke without a real limit !!

Different and varied exercise patterns highlighting buttocks and legs in a way that you have never been challenged again. You also work your balance as well as your flexibility by making a body with perfect stability to enjoy every aspect of your life !!!